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  1. DaLoCo
    • botd

      Your link doesn’t work, at least for me, for some reason. Probably because the site owner doesn’t allow linking directly to images. But anybody can just tap and hold on the image or right click and select “Search Google for this image” in Chrome to see the orig.

      The fine gentlemen who commented above know the deal. They’re commenting on the eyecandyness of the pic, not the accuracy of it. They know they have as much chance of hooking up with the big booty one as they do with the small booty one, zero. No offense fellas. So they don’t give a shit. Well, at least the first three gentlemen. And maybe Ed O’Neil too.

    • john

      WTF does it even matter DaLoCo?
      whether its an “original” by your standards or not, its still ART!!!
      Its could be the art of PS, the ART of the female form or simply BOTD sharing.
      its the same as a 62 ‘Vette…. some designers turn them into WONDERFUL creations that sell legitimately for astounding prices and are collected by reputable afficianados.
      some are not as expensive but still appreciated, just for the simple fact that someone likes it and it looks good to them.
      Its simply not about that.
      Just appreciate the picture or not.
      You always have the right to your opinion and it being accepted as such BUT…..
      You always have the additional option of not even visiting the site.
      (yes i visit multiple times a day, i am not in love of all of the posts or pictures but I am a fan and appreciate the site and the moderators effort)

      • botd

        Thanks john, but he’s new and he didn’t say it in a bad way, so I’m not mad at him.

        But it’s true what you say. You don’t have to like everything. I mean nobody likes EVERYTHING that a site or an artist puts out. There’s always something you don’t like, but you just skip it.

        Well, except maybe for Trent Reznor. All his stuff is good. Nah, even with him being my favorite music artist, he has some songs I don’t like. But I’m sure other people DO. And that’s the point. People ask me to post more PSed pics all the time.

        DaLoCo’s innocent tho. It’s some other wiseguys I got my eye on. o_O

        • john


  2. Al bundy

    Those socks just make this photo even better lol

  3. Pauve

    Naughty, big booty student 😀

    • botd

      That’s the spirit.

      Yell at her and order her to stay after school to make up for pulling a stunt like that. That’s what I did.

  4. Lucifer

    It is absolutely breathtaking. Rarely do you find intelligence combined with an ass that makes say FUK!

  5. Yeah


  6. iceman8069

    Sweet booty!

  7. Udder Appreciation


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